News - 12.07.2013

Track and Field Superstars in Monaco!

Herculis 2013 will be held Friday, July 19th. The 10th stage of the IAAF Diamond League will be the final confrontation of the best athletes in the world, just three weeks before the World Championships in Moscow!

100m Men: We are very eager to see our 100m race thanks to the participation for the third time of 2007 triple World champion and holder of the second best performance of all time Tyson GAY. On top of that, two very talented athletes are going to compete against him: Justin GATLIN (third place in London last year) and our favorite French sprinter, Christophe LEMAITRE (Europe champion 2012 and national record holder). However, beating Gay will be very tricky as he is undefeated since May and is the best performer 2013 in 9.75. This will be without a doubt a tremendous race!

800m Men: World’s best performance holder in 1.43.27 Duane SOLOMON, Pierre Ambroise BOSSE (arrived third at the last European championships) and Timothy KITUM, the Kenyan who arrived third in London, will be our top runners on 800m this year. The race is very promising because BOSSE, who can’t stop improving his time since Doha and Rome, will probably try to set a new personal record with the help of Solomon, whose solo race at the American selections suggests that he will bring in his wave the young French runner.

1500m Men: a remarkable trio will be present on the 1500m start line. First of all Asbel KIPROP, World champion 2011 and current holder of this year’s best performance in 3.31.13, Leo MANZANO who arrived second last year in London and finally Mo FARAH double Olympic champion on 5000m and 10000m. He still has not competed in a 1500m this year and will probably try to achieve a great performance as he does every time he is in Monaco. ; in fact, in 2009, he ran the 1500m in 3:33.98 and established a national record on 5000m in 2011, best performance of that year.  We are expectting an amazing race!

5000m Men: The American Bernard LAGAT (current World vice champion and national record holder), Kenenisa BEKELE (Olympic champion on 5000m and 10000m in 2008) and Thomas LONGOSIWA will be all three present for 12 and a half laps of pure entertainment. They will also try to beat the Meeting’s record from 12.53.11.


400 hurdles Men: World’s three best hurdlers will honour us by running on our track. Felix SANCHEZ (Olympic champion in 2004 and 2012), this year’s best performer in 47.96 Michael TINSLEY, and Javier CULSON. TINSLEY and CULSON finished on the second and third step of the podium last year in London, which assure us an astounding race, similar to the one that will occur in a month in Moscow.



Pole vault Men: The meeting Herculis’ 2013 headline Renaud LAVILLENIE (this year best performer in 5.95) and his two Germans colleagues Björn OTTO and Rafael HOLZDEPPE are going to jump together for the greatest pleasure of the meeting’s spectators.They respectively finshed first, second and third at the Olympics 2012, a contest of the best quality is going to happen on the 19th of July in Monaco.

Triple jump Men: Olympic and World champion Christian TAYLOR, World indoor record holder Teddy TAMGHO and this year’s best performance holder, the Cuban Pedro PICHARDO with an amazing jump of 17.69 will all take part in Herculis triple jump!

Javelin Men: Andreas THORKILDSEN, with a very impressive chart (Olympic champion in 2004 and 2008, World champion in 2009 and Europe champion in 2006 and 2010) will be in Monaco on the 19th! Joining him in Stade Louis II will be the European champion of 2012 Vitezslav VESELY and vice Olympic champion Oleksander PYATNYTSYA.

200m Women: Alyson FELIX, who is going to be focusing on the 4x100m, gave two wonderful athletes the possibility to fight for the first place. 2008 Olympic champion on 100m, gold and silver medalist on 100m and 200m at London 2012, Shelly-Ann FRASER-PRYCE remains undefeated this season with an outstanding time of 22.13 performed at the Jamaican Championships, it is the season’s best performance. FRASER-PRYCE is going to race against Carmelita JETER who arrived third in London behind her. What an explosive duo! We mustn’t however forget athletes such as Myriam SOUMARE, France’s best female sprinter in great shape these days and accumulating performances.

400m Women: Many track and field superstars are going to be attending the 400m race. There will be current World champion Amantle Monstho, holder of this year’s second best time in 49.87, and the firsts of the American and Jamaïcan selections, eager to compete against our runner from Botswana: Natasha HASTINGS and Novlene WILLIAMS-MILLS!

1500m Women: This year will occur a sensational 1500m in Monaco, thanks to Jennifer SIMPSON’s participation, American record holder on 3000m SC and current World Champion, and Maryam Yusuf JAMAL who arrived third at the Olympic Games last year. The race will be even more interesting with the presence of a very young and talented athlete, Faith KYPYEGON (19 years old), holder of this year’s second best performance. With her participation, spectator will be able to notice of her tremendous progress (she smashed her previous record by six seconds) and how fit she is just before Moscow.

100m hurdles Women: Sally PEARSON, current Olympic and World champion, Jessica ENNIS, Olympic champion in heptathlon and holder of Great Britain’s national record on 100m hurdles, and Brianna ROLLINS, second best performer of all time, are going to run in Monaco in a race that is going to be flabbergasting!


High jump Women: We have the honour of presenting you three of the top’s high jumpers. There is going to be Anna CHICHEROVA and her charts of Olympic champion 2012 and World champion 2011, Brigetta BARRETT who is holder of the season’s best performance with 2.04 and vice Olympic champion 2012, and finally Blanka VLASIC, previous World champion now fully recovered from all her injuries, ready to impress everybody with her tremendous skills. Such level in this contest guaranties us a wonderful show and a taste of what Moscow is going to be like.

Long jump Women: Janay DELOACH who arrived third at the Olympics 2012 will compete with indoor European champion Darya KLISHINA, freshly winner of the Universiade in Kazan (Russia), and Eloyse LESUEUR (holder of the French record). We will probably assist to amazing jumps.

Discus Women: Three of the best throwers in the World will be present on Stade Louis II’s throwing area, such as Yarelis BARRIOS who was on the third step of the podium in London, there will also be World vice champion Nadine Müller and Sandra PERKOVIC, Olympic champion 2012 and best performer of the the year undefeated since Monaco in 2012 ! We wish her another consecutive victory on the 19th of July to address the upcoming World Championships with serenity and confidence.